Empire College School of Business
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Course Numbering System

The two letters at the beginning of the course number relate to the academic subject area of the class. Click the category to locate your course syllabus.

AC Accounting

BM Business Math

CM Computer

CS Computer Technology

EN English

GB General Business

HM Hospitality

LG Legal

MA Mathematics

MD Medical

MN Management

PB Phlebotomy

PH Philosophy

PL Paralegal

RX Pharmacology

TR Tourism

TY Keyboarding


ACN160A - Fundamentals of Accounting IA
ACN16LA - Fundamentals of Accounting IA Lab
ACN160B - Fundamentals of Accounting IB
ACN16LB - Fundamentals of Accounting IB Lab
ACN160C - Fundamentals of Accounting IC
ACN16LC - Fundamentals of Accounting IC Lab
ACN160D - Fundamentals of Accounting ID
ACN16LD - Fundamentals of Accounting ID Lab
ACN170A - Fundamentals of Accounting IIA
ACN170B - Fundamentals of Accounting IIB
ACN170C - Fundamentals of Accounting IIC
ACN170D - Fundamentals of Accounting IID
ACN180A - Payroll Accounting
ACN180B - Payroll Certification Preparation
ACN185 - Professional Certification Preparation
ACN190A - Federal Income Tax I
ACN190B - Federal Income Tax II
ACN190C - Federal Income Tax III
ACN190D - Federal Income Tax IV
ACN274A - Intermediate Accounting I
ACN274B - Intermediate Accounting II
ACN274C - Intermediate Accounting III
ACN274D - Intermediate Accounting IV
ACN280A - Managerial Accounting I
ACN280B - Managerial Accounting II
ACN280C - Managerial Accounting III
ACN280D - Managerial Accounting IV
ACN290A - Cost Accounting I
ANC290B - Cost Accounting II
ACN400 - Accounting Internship


BMN141 - Math Review
BMN142 - Business Math
BMN143 - Financial Math
BMN195A - 10-Key Keypad


CMN100 - Computer Literacy
CMN127A - Beginning Keyboarding
CMN127B - Introduction to Word I
CMN127C - Introduction to Word II
CMN127T - Beginning Keyboarding (Technical)
CMN144A - Beginning Word
CMN144B - Intermediate Word
CMN166A - Beginning Excel - Office 2013
CMN166A - Beginning Excel - Office 2016
CMN166B - Intermediate Excel - Office 2013
CMN166B - Intermediate Excel - Office 2016
CMN166C - Advanced Excel - Office 2013
CMN166C - Advanced Excel - Office 2016
CMN175A - Financial Analysis with Excel I
CMN185A - QuickBooks Pro I
CMN185B - QuickBooks Pro II
CMN185C - QuickBooks Pro III
CMN186A - Publisher I - Office 2013
CMN186A - Publisher I - Office 2016
CMN186B - Publisher II - Office 2013
CMN186B - Publisher II - Office 2016
CMN190A - Web Authoring I
CMN190B - Web Authoring II
CMN190C - Web Authoring III
CMN192A - Office: An Overview of Word and Excel - Office 2013
CMN192A - Office: An Overview of Word and Excel - Office 2016
CMN192B - Office: An Overview of Access and PowerPoint - Office 2013
CMN192B - Office: An Overview of Access and PowerPoint - Office 2016
CMN210A - Photoshop
CMN240A - Sage 50 I
CMN240B - Sage 50 II
CMN250A - Great Plains I
CMN250B - Great Plains II
CMN310P - Comprehensive PowerPoint - Office 2013
CMN310P - Comprehensive PowerPoint - Office 2016
CMN310W - Comprehensive Word - Office 2013
CMN310W - Comprehensive Word - Office 2016
CMN320A - Word Certification Preparation
CMN320B - Excel Certification Preparation
CMN320D - PowerPoint Certification Preparation
CMN320E - Outlook Certification Preparation


CSN100 - Introduction to Computer Hardware
CSN111A - Powershell
CSN111B - Advanced Powershell
CSN120 - Computer Configuration and Troubleshooting
CSN140 - Advanced Computer Set-up and Communications
CSN150 - Ticketing and Troubleshooting
CSN160 - Network Plus
CSN175A - Wiring Hardware
CSN183 - Green Information Technology Strategies
CSN191A - Certification Preparation I
CSN191B - Certification Preparation II
CSN191C - Certification Preparation III
CSN191D - Certification Preparation IV
CSN205 - Windows Server
CSN212 - Windows Server Network Infrastructure
CSN218 - Windows Server Active Directory
CSN219 - Windows Server Applications Infrastructure
CSN225A - Electronic Messaging with Virus Protection
CSN231 - Enterprise Administration
CSN232 - Windows SharePoint Server
CSN236 - Exchange Server
CSN242 - Windows Operating System Configuration
CSN250A - Introduction to Routers I
CSN250B - Introduction to Routers II
CSN260 - Linux Plus
CSN270A - Technical Drawing with Visio
CSN313 - Tactical Perimeter Defense
CSN323 - Strategic Infrastructure Security
CSN325 - Security Plus
CSN332 - Advanced Security Implementation
CSN342 - Enterprise Security Solutions
CSN365 - Linux System Administration
CSN375 - Linux Networking
CSN385 - Linux Security, Ethics, and Privacy
CSN395 - Linux in the Enterprise
CSN400 - Information Technology Internship


ENN100A - Business English IA - Grammar
ENN100B - Business English IB - Grammar
ENN200A - Business English IIA - Punctuation
ENN200B - Business English IIB - Punctuation
ENN300A - Business Correspondence I
ENN300B - Business Correspondence II
ENN303A - Management Communications I
ENN303B - Management Communications II


GBN050 - Information Literacy
GBN101 - Career Transitions
GBN132A - Administration: Office Management
GBN132B - Administration: Records Management
GBN132C - Administration: Project Management
GBN200A - Human Relations I
GBN200B - Human Relations II
GBN200C - Human Relations III


HMN105 - Introduction to the California Wine Country
HMN110 - Convention Management
HMN115 - Meeting Planning
HMN135 - Event Planning for the Wine Country
HMN140 - Tourism in the Hospitality Industry
HMN145 - Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
HMN150 - Marketing
HMN150B - Social Media Marketing
HMN155 - Hospitality Case Study
HMN200 - Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction
HMN205 - Leadership and Management I
HMN210 - Certified Guest Service Professional
HMN215A - Managing Food and Beverage Operations I
HMN215B - Managing Food and Beverage Operations II


LGN130A - Business Law I
LGN130B - Business Law II
LGN130C - Business Law III
LGN130D - Business Law IV
LGN231A - Introduction to Civil Litigation I
LGN231B - Introduction to Civil Litigation II
LGN231C - Civil Litigation Procedures
LGN231D - Real Property
LGN231E - Family Law
LGN231F - Estate Planning and Probate
LGN310A - WordPerfect for the Law Office
LGN312 - Law Office Simulation - Torts
LGN320A - Calendaring for the Law Office I
LGN320B - Calendaring for the Law Office II
LGN331A - Law Office Management I
LGN331B - Law Office Management II
LGN351A - Cyberlaw
LGN360A - Technology in the Law Office I
LGN360B - Technology in the Law Office II
LGN370A - Discovery I
LGN370B - Discovery II
LGN380A - Mediation
LGN420 - Legal Transcription I
LGN421A - Legal Terminology


MAN101 - Introduction to Algebra


MDN150 - Anatomy and Physiology I
MDN151 - Anatomy and Physiology II
MDN152 - Anatomy and Physiology III
MDN160A - Beginning Medical Transcription I
MDN160B - Beginning Medical Transcription II
MDN160C - Beginning Medical Transcription III
MDN161A - Medical Terminology I
MDN161B - Medical Terminology II
MDN161B - Medical Terminology II - Evening
MDN162A - Introduction to Medical Assisting I - 5th Edition
MDN162A - Introduction to Medical Assisting I - 6th Edition
MDN162B - Introduction to Medical Assisting II - 5th Edition
MDN162B - Introduction to Medical Assisting II - 6th Edition
MDN162C - Introduction to Medical Assisting III
MDN163A - Injections and Surgical Assisting
MDN163B - Injections and Surgical Assisting Skills Lab A
MDN163C - Injections and Surgical Assisting Skills Lab B
MDN164A - EKGs and Capillary Puncture
MDN164A - EKGs and Capillary Puncture - Evening
MDN164B - EKGs and Capillary Puncture Skills Lab A
MDN164C - EKGs and Capillary Puncture Skills Lab B
MDN166A - Phlebotomy and Urinalysis
MDN166B - Phlebotomy and Urinalysis Skills Lab A
MDN166C - Phlebotomy and Urinalysis Skills Lab B
MDN250 - Medical Office Procedures I
MDN251 - Medical Office Procedures II
MDN253 - Medical Office Management
MDN255 - Medical Assisting Certification Exam Preparation
MDN301A - Diagnostic Coding I
MDN301B - Procedural Coding I
MDN301C - Procedural Coding II
MDN302A - MediSoft I
MDN302B - MediSoft II
MDN304A - Medical Manager I
MDN304B - Medical Manager II
MDN305 - Medical Insurance Plans
MDN306 - Claims Reimbursement
MDN307 - Electronic Health Records
MDN308A - Introduction to the Paperless Medical Office I
MDN308B - Introduction to the Paperless Medical Office II
MDN310 - Advanced Medical Coding
MDN311 - Health Information Management
MDN312 - Medical Coding Apprenticeship Certification Preparation
MDN400A - Medical Internship
MDN400B - Medical Career Preparation
MDN401 - Medical Externship


MNN230A - Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business
MNN230B - Entrepreneurship: Financing and Marketing a Business
MNN230C - Entrepreneurship: Managing a Business
MNN330A - Professional Development I - Internship
MNN330B - Professional Development II - Internship
MNN330C - Professional Development III - Internship
MNN330D - Professional Development IV - Internship
MNN331 - Professional Portfolio Project
MNN335A - Presentation Skills


PBN100 - Basic Phlebotomy
PBN200 - Advanced Phlebotomy
PBN500 - Phlebotomy Externship


PHN101A - Ethics in Technology and Society


PLN240A - Legal Research I
PLN240L - Legal Research I Lab
PLN240B - Legal Research II
PLN310A - Writing for the Legal Professional I
PLN31AL - Writing for the Legal Professional I Lab
PLN310B - Writing for the Legal Professional II
PLN31BL - Writing for the Legal Professional II Lab
PLN340A - Advanced Legal Research and Writing
PLN340L - Advanced Legal Research and Writing Lab
PLN400 - Internship for Paralegals


RXN141 - Basic Health Care Math
RXN141 - Basic Health Care Math - Evening
RXN175A - Principles of Pharmacology
RXN175A - Principles of Pharmacology - Evening
RXN185A - Pharmacology by Body Systems I
RXN185B - Pharmacology by Body Systems I


TRN137A - Tour Planning I
TRN137B - Tour Planning II
TRN138A - Guest Services I
TRN138B - Guest Services II
TRN146A - Sales for the Wine and Tourism Industry I
TRN146B - Sales for the Wine and Tourism Industry II
TRN146C - Salesmanship


TYN225A - Keyboarding Speed Development I
TYN225B - Keyboarding Speed Development II
TYN225C - Keyboarding Speed Development III
TYN225D - Keyboarding Speed Development IV
TYN225E - Keyboarding Speed Development V
TYN225F - Keyboarding Speed Development VI