Empire College School of Law
Law Review


The Punctilio of Honor for Developers of Intellectual Property? by Andrzej W. Bednarski

Employers Beware: Ricci v. DeStefano Raises More Questions Than It Answers by Jenica Hepler and Jennifer Wilson

Arizona v. Gant: The Chorus Calling to Tighten the Belt on Belton by Michael Knapp and Michael Teply

Navigating the Navy's Evasive Maneuvers Around Compliance with the National Environmental Protection Act by Kayla Egnew

Gr8 or H8: Consideration of Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples in California by Gretchen Longshore and Steven Waite


A "Growing" Concern: Have California's Efforts to Legalize and Regulate Medical Marijuana Been Successful? by Tanya Scott

California Supreme Court Strips Governor of the Right to Prevent Lifer's Parole by Rene Casilli

Curing Discrimination: May Doctors Refuse to Treat Lesbian Patients? by Christina Mortensen and Karin Stoeckenius

It's Not Easy Being Green: The Absolute Pollution Exclusion and the Changing Climate of Doing Business in California Post-MacKinnon by Jane Gaskell and Victoria Lancaster

The Notification Requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act in Insurance Underwriting: Clarifying the Willfulness Standard in Civil Actions by Maggie Brothers and Phil Hatfield

One Free Assault: Castaneda v. Olsher Affirms the Prior Similar Incidents Test As the Measure of a Landlord's Liability for Gang Violence on the Premises by Darin Bartow and Benjamin Karpilow


Brendlin v. California: Expansion of Fourth Amendment Standing or the End of a Legal Fiction? by Caitlin Casey and Richard Koman

I Can't Promise I'll Try, but I'll Try to Try: Current Changes in California's Water Planning Policies for Large-Scale Land Developments by Kathleen Mullins Henderson and Maureen Reilly

Between Voluntary Incentives and Manmade Burdens, Who Is to Bear the Risk? The Economics of Climate Change by Marie Artesse and Patrice Doyle

Hernandez v. The City Of Hanford: Abandoning the Fiction that Zoning Ordinances Cannot Have a Direct Impact on Economic Competition by Julia Donoho, AIA and Dana Furby

Leocal v. Ashcroft: When Immigration Meets Criminal Law by Julie Cyphers and Paul Lozada

The Power of Habeas Corpus to Challenge Detentions at Guantanamo Bay: Revisiting the Landmark Decision of Rasul v. Bush While Awaiting a Ruling in Boumediene v. Bush by Barbara Beatie and Bob Swanson

Race-Based Decision Making - Narrowly Tailored or Narrow Minded? Breaking Open Our Definition of Diversity by Rachel Elliott and Natalie Soter


California's Natural Law Jurisprudence: 1849 to 1936 by Rex Grady

Can We Buy Out of Parentage? by Angelina Potter, George Ross and Sarah Baker

The Commerce Clause Still Delivers Wine to Consumers: The Role of Costco v. Hoen in the Battle Between States, Retailers and Consumers Over the Shipment of Alcoholic Beverages by Jennifer Hendrickson

Is Our Property Safe? The Effect of Kelo v. City of New London, Connecticut on Eminent Domain in California by Lorraine Cleff and Lezlie Kagel


Burkett v. Capovilla and the Interpretation of Revocable Inter Vivos Trusts by James Loughborough, Carmen Sinigiani and Brett Stein

Granholm v. Heald: Are the Grapes Really Free? by Alicia H. Cronbach and James V. Sansone

How Much Confusion Is Fair? KP Permanent Make-Up, Inc. v. Lasting Impression I, Inc. by Danelle Jacobs and Johann Hall

Is the Sentencing Reform Act Fair to Criminal Defendants, and Are the Rulings in Apprendi, Blakely and Booker the Answer? by Wallace Francis and Jennifer Willits

Revitalization of the Confrontation Clause. Crawford v. Washington by Nancy Cooke, Andrew Scannell and Donald Winkle

Who Gets Voted Off the Island When Survivorship Is Ambiguous? by Bradford J. DeMeo